‘Baixa Street Fest’ a much-needed boost for Faro’s downtown businesses

For eight weeks, businesses in downtown Faro kept their doors open until midnight on Fridays in a bid to attract more customers as part of an initiative entitled ‘Baixa Street Fest’.
The event came to an end last Friday (August 26), with organisers hailing it an “unexpected success”.
It attracted “thousands of people”, who not only wanted to visit the shops but also enjoy the variety of concerts and street entertainment on offer.
Business association ACRAL says the event proves that “businesses have to adapt their working hours to the demands of the customer”.
According to ACRAL’s president Álvaro Viegas, opening at night could be a new opportunity to give local shops the boost they need.
Around 80 establishments took part in the event which is set to return next year, possibly for even longer than eight weeks.