Bairro Alto gardens to be restored in February

WORK RESTORING the gardens of São Pedro de Alcântara in Lisbon, which have been at a standstill for nine months, will be completed by February next year.

The popular tourist gardens with their stunning views over the city and its São Jorge Castle, were being replanted and restored until the municipal authority ran out of money and was unable to pay its suppliers and contractors.

The gardens, laid out originally in the late 19th century, are just one such project that has ground to a halt because the cash strapped council did not have the funds to pay for them. Others include the gardens at Campo Grande which are also in the process of being replanted.

According to Câmara President António Costa, “work will be completed by February 2008 at the very latest, which is the legal time limit for the work to be concluded according to the contracts”.

The Câmara’s executive officer for Parks, Gardens and Green Spaces, José Sá Fernandes (BE), said that the câmara was aiming to restore the gardens to the Romantic style they would have had in the 19th century.

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