Bailiffs taking possession of couple’s home discover dead woman inside, “apparently from suicide”

A Penacova community is in shock today after they watched bailiffs storm the home of a local couple, and then emerge with the body of the wife.

As national tabloid Correio da Manhã explains no-one knew the couple had financial problems, and they were certainly not prepared for the woman’s death, “apparently” says the paper “a victim of suicide due to the financial situation in which she found herself”.

The tragedy followed an home-seizure order issued by the courts due to the couple’s non-payment of mortgage instalments, the paper adds.

GNR police accompanying the bailiffs to the “small hamlet of Ronqueira” broke into the house and then actioned ambulance crew. But it was to no avail. Maria de Belém could not be resuscitated.

The area was cordoned off and the woman’s husband was telephoned at his place of work. The man is described as returning to the seized home to “accompany authorities’ diligences”.

CM said the couple had spent last (Carnival) weekend perfectly normally and had “never talked of their financial problems, or any others that they may have been going through. The neighbours did not even know they faced eviction”.

The paper adds that there are currently over 30,000 properties on sale on bank websites “that have been recovered from clients who have not managed to pay their mortgages”. But it stresses that there is a national programme that obliges banks to present defaulting clients with restructured payments’ plans. It is called PERSI and can kick in once clients have missed two payments’ instalments.

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