Bail terms expected today for ex-PJ high flyers and alleged associates

Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, the former PJ detective-turned-president of the association of missing children-turned vice president of Sporting Football Club and now suspected of a leading role in a gang of armed robbers that posed as policemen, has been having one heck of a week – ferried to and from the central court of criminal instruction in Lisbon with still no decision as to what should happen next.

The conundrum is further exacerbated by the problem posed by sending him into preventive custody in Évora jail – the institution reserved for the country’s disgraced security service personnel.

Évora is home not only to Portugal’s most famous prisoner – former Socialist prime minister José Sócrates – it also houses the former PSP policeman who is believed to have ratted on Cristóvão, leading to his arrest on Tuesday morning.
Elói Fachada was rounded up by police for his part in the gang last summer.

Media sources suggest he was the source that fingered Cristóvão as the ‘spy’ who allegedly furnished the ring with details on its targets.

Fachada has since been “attacked” in Évora while apparently exercising in the gym and called a “snitch”.

Thus prosecutors’ concern that remanding Cristóvão to Évora as the case is prepared for court could lead to further skirmishes – not to mention any other conflicts or potential risks regarding “perversion of justice”.

Meantime, Cristóvão is facing his third day of grillings as super-judge Carlos Alexandre is expected to announce bail terms later today.

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