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Baffled over cat’s routine


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A CAT in the UK has caused a stir in the local community with its nocturnal antics of sneaking out, walking down the road and waiting to be collected in exactly the same spot in the morning.

Sgt Podge is a Norwegian Forest Cat and his owner, Liz Bullard, said the routine began earlier this year when Sgt Podge disappeared one day. She rang animal protection society RSPCA and called neighbours to see if anyone had seen him.

An elderly woman who lived about one and a half miles away said she had seen a cat matching Sgt Podge’s description. Ms Bullard went to get him but days later he vanished again. She called the elderly woman again and Sgt Podge was back outside her home on the pavement.

He has continued to wander off every night and in the morning, he can be found in exactly the same place, waiting. Now that the routine has been established, every morning Ms Bullard takes her son to school before driving to collect Sgt Podge.

She said that if it is raining, he finds shelter under a bush but she just claps her hands and he comes running. She opens the passenger door and he jumps in.

The routine cannot be explained but it is believed that a woman living nearby used to feed him sardines and he could be looking for more treats.