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Badly parked cars may be towed

LISBON Câmara parking company, EMEL, has given sweeping new powers to encourage motorists to park correctly in the city.

As of February 26, cars that have been badly parked in areas controlled by the company, particularly near parking meters, can be clamped or even towed away.

EMEL enforcement officers have been given the green light not only by the Câmara, but also by the vehicle licensing authority, Direcção-Geral de Viação, which will allow cars that are double parked to be towed.

Similarly, cars parked on pavements or in limited parking zones where there are parking meters or signs can also be clamped or towed away.

The measures were approved by Lisbon Câmara at its meeting on October 24, 2006, effectively increasing the powers of the company.

Up until now, EMEL officers were only allowed to enforce parking restrictions in zones under their control. Now, the whole of Lisbon will be fair game.

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