Badly-decomposed body of woman washes up on west coast beach

The body of a woman “in an advanced state of decomposition” has washed up on the west coast beach of Monte Clérigo, Aljezur.

It appeared with the tide this afternoon, showing “clear signs that it had been in the sea for various days”.

Jornal de Notícias adds that last (Tuesday) night, at around 9pm, maritime police received “an alert over a body floating off Amoreira beach” (3kms north of Monte Clérigo).

A crew was dispatched but couldn’t find anything.

Today’s discovery ‘fits’ with the description of the body seen on Tuesday evening, thus authorities “believe it is the same person”, says the paper.

Despite the condition of the body, authorities were able to confirm that it is that of a woman.

PJ police are now dealing with the case, as an autopsy will now go ahead in Portimão.

There appear to be no missing persons reports in the area, though of course this could be a body from another area entirely, or one that even fell overboard at sea.


There has been no formal identification of the body, which has been described as found wearing jeans, one gym-type shoe and one sock.

The dead woman was ‘young’, writes tabloid Correio da Manhã.

The body was found by a surfer at the southern point of Monte Clérigo beach, near Ponta da Atalaia.

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