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Bad weather causes poor visibility on Algarve roads

DUE TO the recent storms, heavy rain, mist and fog, traffic conditions have been hazardous in the Algarve and throughout Portugal.

In the last couple of weeks, it is has been impossible not to notice the greater number of red triangles being put out on the road after yet another road accident has taken place.

Driving more slowly is strongly advisable in wet conditions and excess speed is often to blame for accidents, but what about using the car’s lights to improve visibility?

Often people can be heard moaning about the unnecessary use of lights and their blinding effect on oncoming motorists, but when visibility is poor, using headlights on low or switching on the fog lights (when very poor), can help to prevent accidents and save lives.

Due to the fact that so many drivers appear not to be using their lights in the poor weather conditions, The Resident contacted the Civil Governor of the Faro District, António Pina, who is responsible for civil protection and policing.

“It is not obligatory to use the car’s headlights in poor weather such as mist, heavy rain and fog, although it is recommended. As it is not obligatory, the police cannot fine motorists for not using their lights.” When asked why it is not mandatory, Pina said: “Unlike Nordic countries for example, these types of weather conditions are quite unusual here in the Algarve.”

It might be rare, but when you are having difficulty seeing the cars in front, The Resident says “switch them on!”