Vau’s wastewater pumping station

Bad smells tackled near Portimão’s Praia do Vau

€655,000 renovations carried out at Vau’s wastewater pumping station

Praia do Vau is one of Portimão’s most popular beaches. But for many years, its appeal has been tainted by bad smells emanating from the nearby wastewater pumping station – known in Portuguese as Estação Elevatória de Águas Residuais (EEAR) do Vau.

Algarve water authority Águas do Algarve believes the issue has finally been solved with the €655,000 renovations carried out at the station, where most of the infrastructure was “badly rundown.”

The poor state of the station meant that it was not only working at a fraction of its capacity, it explained, but was also unable to prevent the release of foul smells.

Vau’s wastewater pumping station

The project involved the installation of two pumping systems with a total capacity of 1,000 cubic metres per hour and major changes to the station’s electrical system, among many other improvements.

The station continued to operate during the renovation work, which was expected to last 240 days but was completed in 90 days.

Águas do Algarve spokesperson Teresa Fernandes has described the project as “an important investment for the municipality”.

She said that the revamped station is prepared to receive the “increased water flow expected in the near future” and also uses a new system which “avoids inconveniences such as the release of odours, which will significantly improve the environment of the station and, consequently, the surrounding area.”