Bad Santa robs €200 from Cascais bank

There’s at least one ‘bad Santa’ in Cascais, and he has laughed his way out of the bank with a sackload of money.
Correio da Manhã reports that a man dressed as Father Christmas stole €200 from the Cascais branch of Millennium BCP bank on Tuesday morning. It was 9.15am when the man entered the bank and apparently pulled a gun out of his festive outfit.
Florist Raúl Garcia was the only person to witness the raid, other than two terrified bank cashiers.
“I was tending my flowers when I felt someone bump into me. When I turned around to see who it was I saw a Santa running and pulling up his trousers, which were falling down his legs,” the 68-year-old told CM.
He said the man appeared to be around “30 years old, very skinny and 1.90 metres tall”.
Police have been briefed and are eyeing all men in Santa outfits very carefully.