Bad first impression

Dear Editor,  The strikes by the well-paid traffic controllers will have caused irreparable damage to the country and the Algarve.  

Hundreds of flights severely delayed, business meetings in disarray or abandoned, the plans of visitors disrupted and our all important tourists, in these times of austerity and near economic collapse, provided with a first impression of Portugal and the Algarve that could not only spoil their holidays but dissuade them from returning.

Again, there are those flights that have to return to the countries from which they came. Anxious travellers having to endure long waiting times at airports and countless arrangements having to be undone to the massive inconvenience of thousands. In order to save Portugal from total collapse and a possible exit from the Eurozone, all responsible people should be pulling on the same rope to do all that they can to save that dire scenario and to once again achieve prosperity.

Just as the introduction of quite the most abysmally conceived structure of planning for the administration of a scheme I have ever come across in a long business life, the collection of toll money from the A22 has provided a major disincentive and aspect of severe aggravation for visitors, those in business and residents alike, the striking air traffic controllers and the consequent standstill at Faro for six hours per day beggars belief.

I have been travelling regularly to Portugal, especially the Algarve, from England since 1964, sometimes monthly, thus I feel that I can view these matters with an element of close interest and dismay and I can readily see the damage that is being perpetrated.

Derek Edwards, Faro