Bad accident on Silves’ EN124 road

Dear Editor,

Let’s hope proper repair work will now be carried on the EN124 stretch of road.

However, I will not be holding my breath as this part of the road out of Silves has been highlighted with the authorities on a number of occasions with little or no action being taken.

I’m not sure how familiar your readers are with this road or, in particular, the exact spot where the accident happened, but here are a few bits of information for you to consider.

The bend on the road where the accident happened has a large badly-filled section directly in the middle of the road as you go around the bend on the approach from Silves to Monchique direction.

This filled section is so bad that most Portuguese drivers approach the bend in the middle of the road to avoid the damaged surface.

Both my wife and I have had several near misses at this spot over the last few years, with my neighbours experiencing similar issues.

If you choose to drive over the damaged section of the road at the legal limit, the surface is so bumpy that your car is juddered on its suspension and actually forced over the white line into the oncoming traffic.

I am not joking, this actually happens at this bend.

As I’m sure you are aware, a lot of drivers tend to cut road corners in general in the Algarve and this corner is no exception.

This, therefore, makes for an incredibly dangerous bend on this part of the EN124.

It was only a matter of time before there was a serious accident happening along this stretch of road. And last week’s incident shows the road up for what it truly is – extremely dangerous.

The elderly man who was driving the car was well used to driving this part of the road as my wife and I had passed him a number of times. Therefore, ask yourself these questions:

1. Did he move his car slightly further over the line to avoid the really bad surface on his side of the bend so as to avoid most of the bumps and therefore put himself in harm’s way?

2. Did he approach the bend too quickly and have his car juddered over into the oncoming vehicle?

The only other options are, of course, direct driver error and/or mechanical failure of the car he was driving.

I find it more likely that this poor man and his wife lost their lives because of the extremely bad road surface right on the bend.

I believe that, therefore, this can only mean that due to lack of response and action on behalf of the local authorities to adequately repair this part of the road that these poor people have lost their lives.

I hope that I don’t come across the wrong way with what I have said, it’s just that after seeing this horrific accident I felt that I had to express my concerns over this part of the road.

Colin Reid