Backpack appeal

While the summer holidays may still be in full swing, the Castelo dos Sonhos charity for underprivileged people in the Silves area is asking people to look ahead to September when the children of the Algarve return to school.

Once again the charity is asking for people to donate a backpack, big enough to hold A4 sized books.

A spokesman from the appeal said: “One essential item for every child is a backpack to carry all their books both to and from school and from class to class. Once again we are appealing for assistance to ensure that children who often do without will this year have a backpack to return to school with.”

The organisers suggest that those interested in helping the appeal visit the large supermarkets in August when the back-to-school ranges first come out in the shops to be able to have the largest choice of backpacks.

Alternatively, backpacks will be available from Absolute Zero in Vale de Lousas at a cost of €5 each.

Backpacks can be delivered anytime between August 21 and September 6 to Castelo dos Sonhos in Silves, the Holiday Inn Algarve in Armação de Pêra or to Absolute Zero in Vale de Lousas near Porches.

For further information about the backpack appeal, please call David or Celia Mossman on 282 332 665 or email [email protected]