Blurred image of a boy sitting at a desk with books, pencils and a pair of glasses to symbolise the importance of doing an eye check-up in children

Back to school – the importance of having your children’s eyes checked

Detecting vision problems in children can be difficult for both parents and teachers. If the only reality the child knows is to see everything blurred at near or far, this is a normal condition for him or her and, as such, it will hardly alert the parents.

In some cases, signs of visual problems in younger people may be obvious, but they are often subtle. That’s why eye check-ups are so important, especially at the beginning of each school year. School activities demand a huge visual involvement from children, and if their eyes are not up to the task, they will feel tired and their ability to concentrate and learn will be impaired.

Be on the lookout for some of the signals – if your child quickly loses interest in activities that demand more of her or his eyes, such as reading, writing or drawing; if he or she ‘gets lost’ while reading a text not knowing where they were at; or if she/ he turns the head to the side to see better – all these can point to visual difficulties.

When in doubt, know that OPTIMAX’s stores have a qualified team of optometrists waiting for you to do an eye check-up on your child. Their optometry offices are equipped with the latest technology on the market, in order to guarantee the best care and the proper prescription of lenses to correct myopia, farsightedness or astigmatism.

And so that you can prepare your children’s new school year in the best way possible, OPTIMAX is also offering, until the end of October, optometry consultations and a 20% discount on the purchase of new prescription glasses (for children over seven years old).

An eye check-up is simple and takes about 30 minutes, requiring only the child’s cooperation. Don’t wait for the first obvious signs of your child’s visual impairment and schedule his or hers eye check-up at OPTIMAX’s stores in the Algarve now.

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Glasses used in the children eye check-up

View of the outside of Optimax's store in Faro where eye check-ups can be made in children

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