Back to School: schoolchildren in need of help more than ever

The crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is having an overwhelming impact on the lives of countless families in Portugal. For some, even just buying school supplies for their children has become a struggle.

This is why this year will perhaps be the most important ‘Back to School’ campaign that Algarve children’s charity ACCA has ever organised.

Every year, ACCA collects backpacks and school supplies and distributes them among hundreds of needy children in the local community.

Last year’s drive had already been considered “especially crucial,” but this summer sees the added impact of more than a year of financial crisis.

Speaking to the Resident, ACCA president Wanda Crawford confirmed that the situation is particularly bad this year due to “more and more unemployed parents.”

In fact, more than 3,850 backpacks-worth of school supplies are needed to meet demand.

The ACCA president is confident, however, that the charity drive will be successful.

“We will achieve these goals with the support of the community”.

Wanda is passionate about ensuring that every child has access to education. Indeed, she strongly believes that education is one of the main gateways out of poverty.

“An education, once achieved, is yours and no one can take it away from you. By pulling resources together, we can make a fundamental difference in the lives of these children in need in the Algarve. We need your help in any way possible,” she says.

As in previous editions, the list of needed items is extensive

Needed items include backpacks, reams of paper; black A4 notebooks (plain, ruled and squared books); rulers; scissors; A4 files; pencil cases; felt-tipped pens; coloured pencils; calculators; compasses and set squares.

Used laptops and tablets are also welcome as these have become vital educational tools.

ACCA can also shop for you: €5 buys a backpack, while €35 is enough to fill a backpack with essential school supplies.

There are several drop-off points in the Algarve, including Curiosa Living Furniture Shop on the EN125 in Sítio do Troto, Almancil, which is open 9am-6pm, Monday through Saturday. Donations can also be dropped off at any of the four Overseas supermarkets in Portimão, Guia, Galé and Almancil, at Castelo dos Sonhos in Silves or at Holiday Inn in Armação de Pêra.

You can also call ACCA president Wanda Crawford (+351 919 617 995) or email her ([email protected]) for more information.

Alternatively, you can donate directly into the charity account and ACCA volunteers will shop for the needy children on your behalf.

IBAN – PT50 0079 0000 4342 6419 1012 2

What is ACCA?
ACCA is an Algarve-based charity dedicated to helping children in need across the region. Founded in 2000, ACCA has for the past two decades delivered life-saving – and life-changing – therapies and medical aid to disadvantaged youngsters who either live below the poverty line, are orphaned and in care, or who require specialist treatment that is not available to them through Social Services.

ACCA is run by a small committee who give their time, experience and enthusiasm freely to making the world a better place for these children. Thanks to generous sponsors, donors, and volunteers, ACCA is able to make a difference and put smiles on young faces.

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