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Back to School campaign a success

With the generous donations of the local community, children’s charity ACCA has supplied more than 200 schoolchildren in the Algarve with backpacks filled with pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, glue, colouring pencils, felt-tipped pens and exercise books.

Each pack contained something special, such as a sparkling pencil, colourful exercise book or a cool rubber, as well as the basics.

Extras, such as calculators, recorders, staplers, masses of paperclips, compasses and dictionaries, were given to the children who required them.

ACCA approached schools to find out what was needed and supplied many organisations with bags. Beneficiaries included the Salvation Army, António Aleixo Foundation, DOINA, Bom Samaritanos, CASLAS, Giavota and Pirilampos.

Apolónia supermarket staff handing over Disney files
Apolónia supermarket staff handing over Disney files

Most importantly, ACCA gave to individual kids who were identified as needy by teachers and leaders who know the families.

Organisers thank the businesses that acted as collection points (Nobre Passos Pharmacy, Lewis Andrews, Curiosa and Paws4Pets) as well as KISS FM and the Algarve Resident for publicising the campaign.

ACCA’s next project is the Angels Programme, where everyone is invited to buy a present for Christmas to fulfil a named child’s wish.

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