Bach flowers and the Rescue Remedy

The Bach flower remedies are little dropper bottles of essences that today are widely available across health food stores in most European countries. Their use and in particular that of the Rescue Remedy is widely spread.

Edward Bach (1886-1936) was a physician, pathologist and bacteriologist. He conducted research into immunology. From his investigation into pathogens and the production of vaccines, he learned that illness was not just an exposure to a pathogen but required a predisposition of the organism in order to make an individual sick. He stressed that a state of disaccord, of emotional imbalance and disharmony was needed to provide the grounds for the physical development of disease. He, therefore, searched for remedies that could harmonise the emotional state, thus bringing equilibrium to the mind which, in turn, would make it impossible for functional diseases to develop.

He began searching for plant remedies that had a signature in nature that paralleled the states of emotional disharmony. He managed to map 38 fundamental states of emotional negativity to remedies that he derived from 38 flowers.

The concept of the Bach flower remedies claims that the properties of the different flowers can positively influence the different emotional disequilibria of a person. Thus, an individual can select the best matching flower remedy to treat his or her specific emotional state. This means, in terms of the most widely known remedy of the Bach flower essences, the Rescue Remedy – its emergency formula is intended to provide relief and enable immediate treatment in cases of crisis, trauma and stress.

The Rescue Remedy is a complex preparation of five different Bach flower remedies, combining the essences of Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis. These single constituents have the following properties:

■ Impatiens relaxes and calms the agitated mind and has the potential to alleviate impatience and to lower stress.

■ Star of Bethlehem is an essence to revitalise and foster inner strength. It helps to recover from, and deal with, trauma and shock.

■ Cherry Plum helps to reconnect with the higher self and strengthens spiritual understanding.

■ Rock Rose can quench fears and aids at calming the mind. It can also mobilise the forces within, permitting growth to happen.

■ Clematis aids at bringing clarity and grounding the individual.

Together these constituents treat symptoms of nervousness, tension, impatience, frustration and confusion, which may develop out of situations of shock, fear, panic and terror. The Rescue Remedy, therefore, has a relaxing, calming, stress lowering, revitalising, reconnecting and strengthening effect.

Individual Bach flower remedies can be administered directly from the bottle or can be mixed and matched as and when needed. In order to create a combination essence, two or more of the essences can be mixed together; however not more than six or seven. For this purpose, two drops of each essence are added to a 30ml bottle, which is then filled up with one teaspoon of brandy or apple cider vinegar (for conservation) and pre-boiled and cooled in potable water. It is recommended to take four drops four times a day of such a mix for as long as needed.

By Uta Mittelstadt

Uta Mittelstadt, BSc & MSc Homeopathic Medicine – University of Central Lancashire, U.K.
Clever Homeopathy / Clever H.-the Mag!
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Diverse websites describe the characteristic essences of individual flower remedies and can be consulted to identify an essence to assist in a given situation.