‘Baby thrown into sea’ in Portimão was false alarm

Maritime authorities have confirmed that the anonymous tipoff about a baby that had allegedly been thrown into the sea at Praia da Rocha in Portimão (click here) was a false alarm.

A woman residing in Portimão with a “history of similar offences” has been identified as the culprit, Portimão port captain Rodrigo Gonzalez dos Paços told news agency Lusa.

She was tracked down through the email she sent local maritime authorities on Thursday, which read: “three-month baby thrown into the sea at Praia da Rocha, please search for the child”.

Land and sea searches were carried out as soon as the tipoff was received. However, after several hours of searching, authorities established that the tipoff had been a false alarm, Gonzalez dos Paços said.

The woman was confronted by maritime authorities and reportedly alternated between three different locations that the baby had allegedly been thrown from – “first Praia da Rocha beach, then from the same beach’s lighthouse, and lastly from the 16th floor of a building in Portimão”.

The port captain added that the case is now in the hands of PJ police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office and that the woman may face criminal charges.

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