Baby Jesus stolen in Faro

The nativity scene in the centre of Faro, near the dock, was missing its central figure last week after thieves stole the baby Jesus from his manger.

The câmara has managed to replace the figure in time for Christmas so the nativity scene is once again complete. Many believe the robbers to be the same as those who stole one of the fiberglass sheep from the same scene last Christmas.

The manufacturers of the figures were notified about the theft and offered to replace baby Jesus for free. Many hope that this generosity and Christmas spirit would rub off on the thieves and the nativity scene will not lose any more figures.

One local bar owner said that the thieves may be attempting to create a nativity scene in their own homes by taking one item per year, but he hoped that next year, the nativity scene would be safe. He even offered to patrol the area at night to safeguard baby Jesus and his friends!