Baby gender test at six weeks

WOMEN IN Britain can discover the gender of their unborn baby just six weeks into their pregnancy with DNA testing kits, a firm has claimed.

The kits are going on sale in the UK over the internet for 189.95 pounds sterling each.

They involve taking a prick of blood from the mother, which is returned to makers DNA Worldwide for testing.

Testing kit

The results are then made available online or by post within six business days of the kit arriving back at the company’s offices.

The firm’s website claims: “An ultrasound is not always accurate in determining the gender of a baby, and is most commonly performed four to six months during the pregnancy to determine the gender.”

Foetal DNA is present in an expectant mother’s blood as soon as six weeks into pregnancy, it explains.

The test picks up DNA from a Y-chromosome, meaning a boy can be predicted.

If there is no Y-chromosome DNA, the baby will be a girl, the company says.

The test is claimed to be 99 per cent accurate and couples will get their money back if it wrongly predicts the sex of their child.

It is not recommended for women who have had a miscarriage, abortion or blood transfusion.

The test is causing great controversy as there are fears it could push up the abortion rate.