Baby boom

An American woman from Arkansas has given birth to her 18th child – and says that she and her husband have no intention to stop adding to their family.

The latest addition to the Duggar family arrived last month and was a baby girl called Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar, weighing 7lb 3oz and measuring 20 inches in length.

The father, Jim Bob Duggar, said that the new baby is “absolutely beautiful” and that he and his wife would “love to have more”.

The oldest child of the couple, who married in 1984, is now 20 and they have a total of 10 boys and eight girls. Originally, the Christian couple said that they did not want to have children until they were ready, but a miscarriage while Michelle Duggar was on the pill led to them deciding not to use contraception and having “as many children as God sees fit”.

Both parents are estate agents and have had their own home built so that it is large enough to accommodate the whole family, as well as a few more future additions.