Babies invade swimming complex

news: Babies invade swimming complex

ON SATURDAY mornings at Olhão’s municipal swimming pools, the sounds of happy, squealing babies can be heard. The water adaptation classes for infants have proved an enormous success and, in order to respond to the demand, the câmara is increasing the number of places available.

The classes are completely full, with close to 80 babies, and the waiting lists are long. The objective of these classes is not to transform these pint-size enthusiasts into top level competitive swimmers, but to promote new motor skills and experiences, and facilitate a relationship with water. The sessions also provide unique moments in the parent-child relationship.

Due to the use of an innovative ultra violet treatment system, the percentage of chlorine in the water is substantially reduced. The water is checked every four hours, and bacterial and chemical analyses are performed monthly to check for irregularities.

• Olhão’s municipal swimming pools are located at Rua da Feira –

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