BA passengers raise millions

DONATIONS FROM passengers flying with British Airways have amounted to 20 million pounds over the past decade, contributing towards the UNICEF ‘Change for Good Programme’, which helps improve the quality of life of millions of underprivileged children in developing countries.

The British Airways campaign will soon reach its 11th anniversary and it was, therefore, seen as fitting to announce the amount raised over the first decade.

If you have donated some of your loose change while flying with British Airways, you might be interested to know about some of the main projects that have benefited from the funds raised. One million pounds were given to support the work of UNICEF in regions affected by the tsunami disaster last year. Since 1994, one million pounds has been used by UNICEF for its work in Mexico and, recently, a further 150,000 pounds was used to assure the protection of the country’s street children.

UNICEF sponsored an immunisation campaign in Zambia, in order to protect 1.2 million children from serious epidemics. In addition, a dilapidated primary school in Nigeria has been reconstructed with furnished classrooms and toilets, and drinking water has been supplied for 3,000 pupils.