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BA leaves four-legged Portuguese passenger in limbo

Ruca is an exceptional Portuguese British Airways passenger. The 11-year-old Husky travelled from Lisbon, via London, to the US at a cost of €1,699. The return journey, however, is proving a nightmare. Ruca’s owner Manuela Costa has suddenly been told his travelling box is “too big” for the live animals’ hold, and that the only way to get him back to Europe is to deliver him to Madrid.

As Mrs Costa points out, the box was not too big to travel one way, why is it suddenly too big to come back?

According to reports, it all has to do with rules on the ground in London, where transatlantic-travelling Ruca will have to touchdown.

For now the much-loved pooch who has already cost his owner over €5000 in travel expenses languishes state-side as the Costa family try to sort things out.

The trouble with delivering Ruca to Madrid is that it is still many hundreds of kilometres away from his hometown of Sesimbra.

And in this stifling weather, it might just not be the kind of homecoming that globetrotting Ruca would relish.