BA food is back on track

news: BA food is back on track

FOLLOWING SUMMER’S industrial action over sacked food preparation workers, British Airway’s catering problems continue to improve. According to reports, all long haul flights have now returned to normal, with the exception of some special meals, while the longer short haul flights (three hours and over) now also offer a normal food and drink service.

It is now over a month since the dispute began and short haul European flights continue to use a mixture of deli bags and food vouchers out of London Heathrow, while inbound flights are offering either vouchers or pre-departure food, depending on the airport of departure.

BA explained that the next objective was to get catering on domestic flights out of Heathrow back on track and that they recognise that many business travellers want to get a hot meal in the morning and evenings, but may not have time to use the vouchers at one of the food outlets. As a result, all domestic travellers with access to the lounge area can now pick up a hot meal and drink of their choice to take onboard, when travelling before 10am or after 3.30pm.

Those passengers without lounge passes continue to receive food vouchers for flights out of Heathrow, while incoming flights from the five domestic airports serving BA (Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen) are now offering onboard meals before 10am and after 3.30pm.

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