Azores São Miguel island in six separate lockdowns

The government of the Azores is about to ring-fence the six boroughs of São Miguel island, in the Azores, to restrict residents’ movements even further.

From midnight tonight till the same time on April 17, no-one will be allowed to leave the borough in which they live.

The measures are designed to clamp down on rising numbers of Covid-19 infections which have doubled in a matter of days (from 24 to 48).

As authorities stress, the measures will only help reduce the spread of infections if people stick to them scrupulously.

This is the bottom line of every sound bite today: the importance of knuckling down for a critical two-week period in which Portuguese authorities could finally make some headway if citizens comply, or face a scenario that is quite frankly unthinkable.

As we wrote this text, national media reported that no-one on the mainland will be allowed to leave their borough of residence throughout the Easter period – running from Thursday April 9 to Monday April 13.

The only exceptions to this rule will be for people who need to leave their borough for work purposes.