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Azores registers “historic” abstention rates in archipelago’s regional elections

The Azores’ PS regional government has held onto its absolute majority in an election that registered the highest abstention rates in history.

By 11am yesterday (Sunday) morning, only 7.4% of voters had bothered to turn out.

By 7pm, the PS could take comfort in the fact that it had held onto power for the fifth time in 20 years, albeit with one less MP (30 now, in a universe of 57).

The PSD, which has not shown any sign of gains since it lost ground in 1996, also lost an MP – now fielding only 19.

Parties with something to celebrate were the CDS (now with four MPs) and the Bloco de Esquerda (two MPs), while the CDU communists have presented a complaint to the national elections committee over confusion it feels was generated by the PCTP/MRPP party, which also used the traditional communist image of a sickle in its publicity.

As it was, the PCTP/MRPP got nowhere.

The PPM held on to its only MP, as did the PCP-PEV (also communists).

At final counting, abstention rates for the islands stood at 59.16%, reports Rádio Renascença, which is an “all time record”.

PHOTO: Vasco Cordeiro, who continues as President of the Regional Government of the Azores