Azores opposition sends budget to court

The Azores PS parliamentary group has fulfilled its promise to submit five laws under the 2013 State Budget for “successive revision” by the Constitutional Court (TC).

According to the Azorean political group, Articles nº 59, 68, 149, 188 and 262 within the State Budget are “not in accordance with the political and administrative statute of the Autonomous Region and the Portuguese Constitution” and thus were sent to the higher court for “successive” assessment last Friday.

Azores PS finds it unconstitutional that the State Budget foresees the end of healthcare benefits for citizens from the Azores in the mainland. They claim Azoreans are being treated as if they were foreigners using the Portuguese National Health Service (SNS).

The political party also questions the constitutionality of the law regarding the 3.5% surtax imposed on workers and the transferral of revenues generated from this tax to the central government, “when it should benefit the autonomous region”.