Azores is a little taste of paradise, says Daily Mirror

British newspaper The Daily Mirror is the latest international publication to feature its own article on the beauty of the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores.

Written by Sarah Whitfield King, the article reads that the islands are “a little taste of paradise whether you’re on dry land or surrounding oceans”.

It’s exactly in the ocean where King starts to express her love for the Azores. “It’s been 30 years since whaling was banned from the waters of the Azores. Now instead of harpoons, the most dangerous thing the whales and dolphins have to face are boatloads of camera-toting tourists – and they love it,” the writer says.

Moving on to the shore, King describes the archipelago’s nine islands as “gorgeous, with lush vegetation, flowers everywhere, fields full of cows, coloured lakes, dramatic coastlines with plunging cliffs, and rocks forming natural thermal pools”.

“Each island offers a wide range of activities – great fun for a family during a week’s holiday. Hopping around the archipelago by plane or ferry is easy and there are cycling trips, walking trails, horse-riding, rock climbing, sea kayaking and canoeing on lakes,” she says.

The writer goes on to recommend a list of places to visit and stay as well as some delicious food to try, like the traditional “Cozido das Furnas”, a “delicious stew containing local sausage, beef and a variety of vegetables” – cooked in the ground using heat generated by the still-active volcano.

Last year, the archipelago was considered the “world’s most sustainable destination” by Green Destinations, and just last month it was named a place that “needs to be on your bucket list” by the Canadian edition of online newspaper The Huffington Post.