Awning Specialists

Providing a range of solutions for sun, wind and rain, and with 25 years experience, Toldolanda can say with conviction that they are specialists in their field.

An awning is a good addition to a property that maximises outdoor living and even increases property value if the correct awning is chosen, which is why Toldolanda and their expertise can help.

Toldolanda is the sole supplier in Portugal for two high quality brands, Weinor and Brustor awnings.

All products supplied to Toldolanda are subject to the strictest European standards, come with a five year guarantee and are EC certified.

Toldolanda director Petra said: “The awnings we provide should last a lifetime, however it is good to know that it is always possible to replace parts if necessary or if you make home style changes and wish to change the fabric. We have a wide range of fabrics, with UPF protection, long lasting colour, and all our products are of a very high quality and made to measure.”

If you would like to see Toldolanda’s products, you can make an appointment to visit their office where they have a good selection of products constructed on site and clients can see how they can work in their home and fit in with their lifestyle.

Or if you like you can make an appointment for one of Toldolanda’s team members to come over to your place and find the best solution for an awning that works with your space.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact Toldolanda.

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