Award-winning play in Paderne

A PORTADA Theatre Group are breaking the mould again after their big success in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest last year in Paderne, Loulé and Lagos. Their next production is Loot, a black comedy by Joe Orton.

This established Orton’s play as “the most genuine, quick witted, pungent and sprightly entertainment written by a new, young, British play-wright” (Alan Brien, The Sunday Telegraph).Loot shocked, outraged and entertained sell-out audiences at the Royal Court Theatre, London, and won the Evening Standard Drama Award for “Best Play” in 1966.

Thirty-nine years later, this wonderful, funny play still has the power to shock and outrage, but one thing’s for sure: you will be entertained!

Loot opens at the Casa do Povo Theatre in Paderne, on Friday, June 10 at 8pm. Subsequent performances are on Saturday June 11, Friday June 17, Saturday June 18. All seats at 12 euros.

For information and booking, telephone 289 367 073 or 913 343 503.