Award-winning chef takes the helm at Carvoeiro’s Michelin-starred Bon Bon

Louis Anjos, named Chef of the Year in a national competition in 2012, is taking over the kitchen at Carvoeiro’s Michelin-starred Bon Bon restaurant.

Anjos, who is currently chef at the Macdonald Monchique Resort & Spa, will be replacing previous chef Rui Silvestre, who is off to Lisbon to pursue a new project.

Speaking to online website etaste.pt, Anjos says he is “very happy about this interesting challenge”.

While he has interned at Michelin-starred restaurants before, this will be the first time that he takes the helm of a “prized” kitchen.

“The (Michelin) star is like being in a constant competition. It’s a competition you win but that you have to keep competing while being under constant evaluation,” he said.

It’s a new level of responsibility that he believes he is ready to take on.

“The only thing I was asked (at Bon Bon) was to be myself. I do not see myself changing my type of cuisine and I don’t plan on entering an experimental phase.”

His menu will be inspired by traditional Portuguese food, especially the Algarve’s, as he believes one of the fascinating parts of being a chef is serving people “culture on a plate”.

Bon Bon is currently closed for winter but will be reopening in early February