Autumn travel trends to help you attract guests

Autumn travel trends to help you attract guests

As the sun sets on another glorious summer season in the Algarve, it’s always a great time to reflect on the successes of the villa rental space.

Understanding what thrills guests and identifying what we can elevate is always an important task at SandyBlue. However, this does not mean everything slows down – there is still a huge pool of guests looking for autumn and winter getaways!

‘Shoulder seasons’ – periods outside the peak summer months – have really increased in popularity. Here are some trends we have noticed that will give you food for thought when it comes to villa rental strategies outside of the summer.

A popular time for remote workers

The buzzword on everyone’s lips in 2021 and 2022 is ‘workation’. Many people across the globe have been able to work remotely, choosing to do so in a sunnier climate. The Algarve has quickly become one of the most popular destinations to do this.

So, using the right marketing messages will attract this niche pool of guests easily. From fast wi-fi to scenic views as they work, SandyBlue has found that highlighting these will catch the eyes of this hard-working group of guests!

Autumn warmers

Even if guests are coming to the Algarve for a sunnier autumn adventure, they will still look for the comforts they know and love. After all, the Algarve will be much cooler than the summer months.

Throughout the summer, and especially following the peak season, our operations team will use the time to collect feedback and recommend improvements to our owner partners. The most popular example during this time is heated pools. In summer 2022, we saw an 18% increase in website users specifically looking for this in preparation for a September or October booking. Investments like this make all the difference in attracting guests all year round.

A time for wellness

Wherever you are in the world, it seems autumn is the universal period of wellness and reflection. Exploring nature, investing in spa treatments and generally looking ahead as a new year steadily approaches.

This is exactly what guests are looking for. So, it’s important to communicate what is available in close proximity to your property. Nature walks, cycling trails and spas are all popular during the autumn months. SandyBlue goes the extra mile and also offers in-villa services, like massages or chef experiences. We also provide detailed location guides so guests can plan ahead, knowing relaxation is waiting for them upon arrival.

Guest experience always matters

No matter the time of year, our owner partners know that their properties are well looked after. It’s so important for them, and the Algarve, to have thousands of guests interested in a holiday in this beautiful region!

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By Joe Mountain
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