Autopsy reports “Portuguese health worker didn’t die from vaccine” but explains nothing further

Reports in the Portuguese press this morning are saying that the autopsy on the 41-year-old health worker who suffered a sudden death two days after being vaccinated against Covid-19 “had nothing to do with the vaccine”. But none of them explain what actually killed Sónia Azevedo.

In fact the reports prompt even more questions.

The statement being repeated today is that the cause of death “is covered by secrecy of justice”.

The communiqué from the justice ministry simply states that: “preliminary data resulting from the medico-legal autopsy do not show any relationship between death and the vaccine”.

All media reports then continue with details of how many deaths the pandemic has caused worldwide.

It’s unclear whether further information will be forthcoming at any time in the near future.

Sónia Azevedo was discovered dead in bed by her boyfriend (click here). She had stayed overnight at his home in Maia, after dining with her children and parents on New Year’s Eve at the home they all shared. When she left her family to set off for Maia she was in apparent perfect health.