Autopsy confirms ‘body in back garden’ was murdered

Questions over the macabre discovery of a body in a back garden in Chaves last week are slowly getting answers. An autopsy has revealed that the body is that of a woman aged between 50 and 60.

It appears to have been buried at least a year ago, reports Correio da Manhã today, confirming that the remains “point to a violent death’.

Further tests are now ongoing to try and determine the identity of the dead woman.

Initially, only a foot was ‘discovered’ by building workers working on the house next door.

CM’s original story suggested the foot was not attached to a body. But now this appears not to have been the case.

Painstaking forensic work with the use of geo-radar revealed the rest of the body which was then taken to the police scientific laboratory for autopsy and further analysis.

Along with the question of identity, the largest problem appears to be that PJ police have no reports of a woman matching this description having gone missing.

Locals also say they are unaware of anything ‘unusual’ having happened in the area.

The house was burgled in the last year, but any link to the murdered victim has been excluded, adds the paper.

The owners too are not regular residents in the house, and for now there appears to be little to explain the mystery.

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