Automated pool covers for all your pool requirements

Pure Pools’ range of automated pool covers comprises a number of models that are designed to meet all client requirements.

Whether for new or existing swimming pools, Pure Pools’ comprehensive range of above ground and submerged covers will satisfy all needs.

Automated pool covers are designed to cover the entire pool, extending and retracting with ease due to their motorised roller, which is easily activated at just the turn of a key.

Made of rigid slats and available in various colours, their design and composition allow the cover to float over the entire water surface, making it an effective heat retention solution.

Easy to operate – the simple turn-of-a-key system is all that is required to silently extend or retract a pool cover whenever needed.

Safe to have fun – Safety has always been a prime concern for Pure Pools and, in addition to their Safety Fence product, they provide this range of automatic pool covers to comply with the French standard NF P90 308, offering safety for pool users and allowing children to have fun and run around freely in the pool area while adults can enjoy some peace of mind.

For further information about Pure Pools and their automated pool covers, or other services available, please contact 919 851 016, email [email protected] or visit: or call into their showroom in Lagos.