Autoheat reveals new stock

news: Autoheat reveals new stock

Despite opening on April Fool’s day 1989, Autoheat has proved to be a very clever company. The company has gone from strength to strength and will celebrate its 15th anniversary this year.

Autoheat was originally established as a central heating installation company. However, over the years, Richard and Maureen Hemming, the company directors, have recognised the huge market for air conditioning in the Algarve and have added that to their services.

Autoheat also boasts a pretty impressive customer log – as well as fitting the air conditioning for Luís Figo’s house in Albufeira and Cliff Richard’s quinta, the Canadian Ambassador’s official residence in Lisbon was also fitted with central heating by the Algarve-based company.

“It was some years ago now,” remembers Richard Hemming, “but I can recall that it was a very difficult project, which required a lot of care and a lot of time. The building is more than 300-years-old and has five floors. We had to centrally heat the whole building without disturbing or damaging anything, because it is protected.”

This year, Autoheat has added two additional products to its stock list – Keston boilers and Bisque radiators. Keston was awarded Industrial/Commercial Heating Product of the Year 2003 and has been installed in the infamous Posh and Becks’ household, Beckingham Palace.

As well as being the product of choice for the stars, Keston boilers are also very ecologically friendly, using around 30 per cent less gas than standard units. Autoheat chose to represent Bisque radiators because of their modern innovative designs, aimed at being more aesthetically pleasing than traditional radiators. They come in chrome, white and a variety of other colours, and are sculpted in different ways.

For more information about these new products or any other air conditioning or heating products, call Autoheat on 282 322 502 or e-mail [email protected]