CMTV hears from one of the witnesses to the brutal attack, who sought to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals

Authorities fear gang-led reprisals following Porto murder

Victim Igor Silva was stabbed by members of the ‘Super Dragões’

Authorities in Porto are said to be bracing for another round of gang-led attacks following the murder of Igor Silva, 26, on Saturday as thousands celebrated the football national championships win by Porto FC at Estádio de Dragão.

It has been established that Silva’s murder was perpetrated by members of the so-called ‘Super Dragões ‘claque’, as a result of grievances following various recent punch-ups.

Eye witnesses have described “more than 20 people” charging directly at the victim in the melée of fans celebrating Porto’s win against Benfica “with the objective of killing him”.

One witness told reporters that even when Silva was already on the ground “all disfigured”, one of the attackers continued to “stab him in the chest. Then they all fled…

Since the attack, “Igor’s group” has been openly making threats over social media to those who they believe killed their friend, “guaranteeing that the death will be avenged”.

Says Correio da Manhã today, “this is an identical scenario to what happened in Noite Branca” – another episode (in 2007) involving gang-led murders and extreme violence.

Authorities fear Igor’s death will set off a wave of violence”, principally in the city’s night-life sector.

For now, the prime suspect is the son of a former footballer infamous for the fact that he once broke a referee’s nose (on purpose).

According to CM, as a result of various incidents – including threats made to his own mother – Igor had approached the former footballer at a game in Lisbon the day before, and punched him.

“The aggression was filmed”, the former footballer “felt humiliated” and thus the theory that he “gathered a group around him and with his son ambushed Igor, armed with knives”.

A little like the case of the young PSP agent battered to death outside a Lisbon nighttclub in March, the prime suspect remains ‘at large’, with PJ police actively searching for him.

But contrary to the Lisbon killing, there do not appear to have been any other arrests made so far.

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