Australians and New Zealanders celebrate ANZAC day

news: Australians and New Zealanders celebrate ANZAC day

MORE THAN 50 members of the Australian and New Zealand communities met on Monday April 25 in an act of remembrance to the servicemen who gave their all in the Gallipoli Peninsular landings on April 25, 1915.

The campaign lasting eight months resulted in some 25,000 casualties, including 8,700 who were killed or died of their wounds. In 1916, the anniversary of the landings was observed in Australia, New Zealand and Britain. In that year, April 25 became known as “ANZAC Day” by the then acting Prime Minister of Australia, George Pearce. This year’s remembrance celebration was held at the Casual’s sports and social club at St Julian’s School. Greg Polson, the current Australian Ambassador was on hand to lead the act of remembrance, Barbara Dixon led the Requiem and Peter Bright read out the Ode of Remembrance. This was followed by a minute’s silence to remember those who had fallen. The moving ceremony was followed by a family BBQ where some traditional Australian food was served amply washed down by Foster’s Lager and Bright Brothers wine (what else?). Bob Hughes, representing The Resident had to leave before the traditional 115 verses of Waltzing Matilda began. Bob Hughes