August proved popular for Algarve hotels

OCCUPATION RATES at hotels in the Algarve were up in August this year when compared to the same month in 2004, according to data just released by the Associação de Indústrias Hoteleiras e Similares do Algarve (AIHSA), the Algarve hotel industry association.

The average room occupation levels at Algarve hotels increased by 2.09 per cent against last August. With regard to beds, the percentage was also up by 1.72 per cent, a number that could be affected by more families and couples visiting rather than singles.

The type of accommodation to enjoy the biggest increase in guest numbers were the apart-hotels and apartments, which saw an increase in room occupation of 2.51 per cent. Meanwhile, with regard to beds, the apart-hotels saw an increase of 2.8 per cent and the apartments experienced a 0.49 per cent rise. Curiously, the occupation of three star apart-hotels fell considerably, but the strong increase in the occupation of the four star apart-hotels ensured the average occupation rate for this type of establishment increased.

The trend relating to the increase in occupation of luxury accommodation did not particularly relate to the five star hotels this month, although they enjoyed an increase of 3.58 and 6.41 per cent per room and per bed respectively.

Four star hotels saw negative percentages against last year, while the three star establishments saw an increase against August 2004. With regard to tourist complexes, the only negative result was the rate for bed occupation for the three star accommodation.

Overall, it was a good month for the majority of the Algarve’s hotels.