August brings thousands to Portimão port

Portimão continues to attract a large number of cruise passengers with the second half of this month expected to see more than 2,000 people arrive at the city’s port.

On Monday, the port was the last stop for more than 200 passengers aboard the Arion, a ship belonging to Portugal’s only cruise company, Classic Internacional Cruises. Embarking the Arion at Lisbon, passengers cruised along the coast of Morocco and the Spanish Canary islands, with the Algarve port as the last stop.

Classic Internacional Cruises’ fleet also includes four other ships, such as the legendary Funchal, built in the early 60s.

The Balmoral part of the UK’s Fred Olsen Cruise Lines is due to dock later this month with 1,350 passengers on board on August 21 and Portimão will welcome a further 702 passengers on board the Ocean Princess of Princes Cruises from the United States of America on August 30.