Dublin airport has been the scene of long queues and flight cancellations over the last week. - Copyright Scott Brownlee... Image accompanies story in Euronews describing 'big challenge' this summer of long airport queues in all European airports

August airports strike: double trouble

SINTAC calls 2nd three-day strike for August 26-28 

Reports today described civil aviation workers union SITAVA as “accepting a salary upgrade of 1.5% from ANA airports authority and creating a working group for 2023”. But the bottom line remains that SINTAC – which is also a national union of civil aviation workers – has not accepted any of ANA’s offers, and is still calling an all-out strike for 00.00 hours on August 19 to 23.59 on August 21.

Much worse, SINTAC has added a new strike to the calendar, for Portway baggage handlers, to run over three days from 00.00 hours on August 26 to 23.59 on August 28, and affecting the country’s busiest airports: Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Funchal.

“At issue is the policy of HR assumed over recent years by Portway”, says the union – claiming it is a policy of “confrontation and devaluation of workers” which holds them in a “climate of psychological terror, in which threats proliferate … creating social instability unparalleled in the history of the company”.