Auditorium setbacks

LAGOA Municipal Auditorium has cost an extra half a million euros to build than the 3.2 million euros that was predicted. Furthermore, the building should have opened to the public in September last year, but was postponed as auditors investigated the drastic increase in cost. According to Lagoa Câmara President, José Inácio, the reason “was due to the reassessment of the surrounding area, which wasn’t predicted, small details in the exterior and improvements to the stage for more versatility”. The General Inspection of Culture (Inspecção Geral da Acção Cultural) has now been asked to re-inspect the site to verify if the structure is in good condition to function. According to the câmara, the auditorium could already be open, but it is preferable to wait until everything is ready. “If the inspection can be made before January 16, the anniversary of the concelho, that is when the inauguration will be,” said José Inácio.