Auditions for new play in Silves

Auditions for the first play in English to be staged at the newly-refurbished Silves Mascarenhas Gregório Theatre will be held on Thursday, January 24 from 6pm to 8pm at the Silves Philharmonic Society.

There are still parts available for the play Rhinoceros (by Eugene Ionesco), which is a humorous look at the effects of “big government” on “the people” as the machinery of the state drives them towards absolute conformity.

Society is represented by the inhabitants of a small village and the play explores the final surrender of their individualism – metamorphosis into the rhinoceros of the title.

The cast embraces the variety of types found in society – greedy shop owner, educated do-gooders, sexy secretary, flirty housewife, apathetic drop-out and self-important buffoon.

The play accommodates a wide range of experience, age and size of part, making great opportunities for all.

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