Audi races through border control to Spain – and back again hours later

Police checking traffic crossing the controlled border into Spain at Vilar Formoso got an unwelcome surprise on Saturday evening: an Audi A5 accelerated against them, forcing them back as it raced past into Spain.

There was no point trying to chase the vehicle, explain reports, as it was going much too fast.

The vehicle was Portuguese-plated with ‘various occupants’ inside.

Due to its extreme speed, border police “remained at their post”, a source has told Correio da Manhã tabloid.

Roughly three hours later, the car reappeared – this time driving full pelt through Spanish Guardia Civil, through the askance GNR agents, flanked this time by inspectors with border control agency SEF.

Again, there appears to have been no point trying to stop it.

Says CM: “The occupants of the vehicle succeeded a second time to cross the frontier”.

But this time, the Audi appears to have been identified.

Says the paper, it is registered to an owner in Guarda. 

No-one has yet been arrested (or hadn’t been at time of writing), but the suspects are thought to be Guarda residents.

An inquiry has been delivered to the Public Ministry, says CM.

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