Attorney General Lucília Gago

Attorney General calls for “new specialised approaches” to combat fraud and tax evasion

Attorney General Lucília Gago has spoken out against the scourge of fraud and tax evasion that damages the Portuguese State to the tune of over 25% of GDP every year. Speaking at a conference organised by CAAD (the centre of administrative arbitration) in Lisbon yesterday, Ms Gago cited data from the European Commission showing that EU countries together lost around €137 billion just in 2017 due to IVA (VAT) tax evasion. In her opinion, the only way to successfully bring an end to a practice that runs through every level of society is to have mixed teams made up of criminal police, maritime police, tax and customs inspectors, border agencies – even health and safety authorities: “new specialised approaches” that instead of being isolated work in articulation, with speed and efficiency. But for this to happen, parliament would have to pass new laws…