Lucília Gago
Lucília Gago insists the paragraph 'incriminating' António Costa was necessary, and she refutes entirely that the image of the Public Prosecutor's Office has in any way been tarnished by the ups and downs of Operation Influencer. Image: José Sena Goulão/ Lusa

Attorney General breaks silence

Attorney General Lucília Gago has ‘broken’ her habitual silence, to stress that she does not feel in any way responsible for the resignation of prime minister António Costa, due to the ‘final paragraph’ of a press statement from her office on the probe that brought the government down. Ms Gago insists the paragraph was necessary because of a “need for transparency”. Left Bloc leader Mariana Mortágua has said she feels Ms Gago’s statement has actually clarified very little, but it is generally considered positive that she made it.