Attempted robbery at Slide & Splash.jpg

Attempted robbery at Slide & Splash

IT HAS been reported that two men attempted to rob Slide & Splash, the water park near Lagoa, in the early hours of August 28, but failed to break into the office safes. The assailants tied up the park’s 50-year-old security guard in the machine room, where he was left for around three hours before being found by GNR officers, after he had been reported missing by his family when he did not arrive home at the expected time.

The Resident contacted Slide & Splash, which refused to comment on the incident. Lagoa GNR also refused to provide information concerning the case “because the investigation is ongoing”.

According to a report in the Correio da Manhã newspaper, the robbers spoke Portuguese with a pronounced Eastern European accent and, after failing to break into the office safes, left the park with an insignificant amount of money.