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Attacker targets beach

By: Louise Pimm

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IT SEEMS that women are still being targeted in violent attacks throughout the Algarve as yet another female expatriate was brutally attacked.

Following the brutal assault on two women in Odeceixe, a small town on the west coast of the Alentejo region, reported in the March 16 edition of The Resident, another female expatriate has come forward after being the victim of a similar attack on Meia Praia beach in Lagos, but this time the attack took place in broad daylight.

The Norwegian expatriate, wishing to remain anonymous, contacted The Resident and described the attack which took place two weeks ago.

Surprise attack

“A friend and I were sitting on the beach looking out to sea when a man approached us from behind. He spoke to us in Spanish, saying buenos días. I turned to look at him as I thought he may be in need of directions, but as I turned he hit me with a large metal stick,” the expatriate told The Resident.

“My friend and I ran as fast as we could in the direction of Lagos. We left our bags, towels and all of our belongings on the beach, but the man was not interested in stealing anything. As we ran, we were screaming for help and even though there were many people on the beach, no one offered to help us,” she continued.

Eventually, the two women came to two Portuguese bystanders, who took them to the local maritime police. There, they gave a description of the man to the officers and underwent a check up from the police doctor at Portimão. “The doctor said I had been very lucky; if the man had struck me further up my body towards my head, I would probably not have survived the attack,” said the victim.

The expatriate involved in the attack contacted The Resident as she believed that her attacker was the same man who assaulted the two German women in Odeceixe. “I would recognise him if I saw him again, but I hope to God that I don’t! I want this to be a warning to other women in the area. I was lucky, his next victim may not be,” she concluded.

After contacting the Lagos GNR and maritime police, The Resident was unable to receive a comment until all investigations into the attack have ended.

Handy Phone Numbers in case of an emergency

National Emergency Number: 112

Ambulance: (+351) 289 416 702/703/704


Faro Hospital: (+351) 289 803 411

Lagos Hospital: (+351) 282 763 034

Portimao Hospital: (+351) 282 450 300

Police Stations:

Albufeira: (+351) 289 513 203

Faro: (+351) 289 822 022

Lagos: (+351) 282 762 930

Olhao: (+351) 289 702 144

Portimao: (+351) 282 417 510

Tavira: (+351) 281 322 022

Vilamoura: (+351) 289 388 989

Tourist Information Centres:

Tourist Support Services: (+351) 808 78 12 12

Aljezur: (+351) 282 998 229

Lagos: (+351) 282 763 031

Sagres: (+351) 282 624 873

Civil Protection Contacts

Civil Protection: (+351) 21 424 71 00

Civil protection District Office: (+351) 289 806 937

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