Attack in Portimão

A MAN was attacked with CS gas in the centre of Portimão last week. The gas used in the attack left the victim blind for half-an-hour.

His attacker, a woman aged between 35 and 40, had attempted to flee with the man’s wallet, but was chased and arrested by police officers, who were in the vicinity at the time of the attack.

According to the 50-year-old man, a farmer from Monchique, the woman was a prostitute he had met in the Jardim Visconde Bívar in the centre of Portimão. After approaching her and agreeing a price for her services, they had been discussing a location, when the women suddenly took his wallet from his trouser pocket and attempted to run off.

In retaliation, the man grabbed her and a struggle broke out. The woman sprayed the man in the face with CS gas.

The women was taken to the police station, but later freed, while police carry out further inquiries.